Donauinsel North waterworks – Vienna, Austria

For our client Vienna Water (municipal department 31), we developed a concept, detailed design and preparation of tender documents for an extension of the Donauinsel North waterworks in Vienna.

Q = 1.000 l/s bzw. 3.600 m3/h

Water supply Vienna General Hospital – Vienna, Austria

For our client VAMED-KMB, we designed the concept and construction of the central water treatment system at Vienna General Hospital (AKH). We also prepared a corresponding tender and support the project through to commissioning.
Q = 120 m3/h

Intake - Tigris Besmayah I+II / Irak

For our client Mass Group Holding in Amman, we provided comprehensive project consulting as an owner’s engineer for the areas of systems engineering, construction/structural engineering and electrical and I&C technology for a river water intake station, pump station and transfer pipeline. We also provided construction and commissioning support
Q = 18.000 m3/h

River water treatment Besmayah I+II

River water treatment to supply the large-scale power plant Besmayah I + II with cooling and process water.

Services provided by AWE:  Consultant/owner’s engineer, engineering support, approval process, construction support, commissioning support
Q = 6.000 m3/h

Water supply for chemical production

For our client BASF SE in Ludwigshafen, Germany, we provided process and technical support with the development of a basic concept and the preparation of tender documents for a production water supply system in a chemical plant. Within the scope of this consulting assignment, we also provided technical process support during commissioning Output:
Leistung: Q = 1.000 m3/h

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